It started with an idea: To minimalize and de-clutter our lives, creating quality and well-designed products that we wanted ourselves.

1/ Prioritize
2/ Strip out all distractions
3/ Minimalize

The idea to create quality goods started with wanted to do more with less and defining the life of a modern day minimalist.

Welcome to the Minimalist Store. After many months of planning and designing, Minimalist Store has officially launched. We are one of our kind website in Dubai, and in the human world. To start things off we are carrying 5 tshirt designs and 6 poster prints. The shirts are available in 4 unisex sizes and are printed on super soft cotton which feels comfy. For more details about the individual shirts go to the clothing page and click on any of the products. We have also brought along few brilliantly designed watches.

Here's how you can be a minimalist


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